Check, Please

When dining out with your kid in tow, ask for the check right after the food comes. Once your plates arrive and the server asks, “Is there anything else I can get you?” that’s your cue to say, “We’ll take care of the check now. Thanks!” A fun time out can turn into the stress … Continue reading Check, Please

And Yet

Why, when my child is almost 14 months old, do I have an emotional response- or at least a mini, internal gut punch- when I hear about someone breastfeeding? My son is healthy. He has the most diverse diet of any toddler you know. It’s not like I didn’t breastfeed- there were half-hearted attempts at … Continue reading And Yet


In the weeks leading up to my son turning one, I had a lot of feelings. And still do! Apparently all I do now is feel, and that makes me feel uncomfortable. It’s annoying that all the motherhood cliches turned out to be true, including those along the lines of “you can’t really know until … Continue reading #AllTheFeels

Diaper Boxes

Hi there, new parents. You know those cardboard, kinda-big-but-not-too-big, boxes that diapers come in? SAVE EM. Yes, baby might like playing with one or two, but they have an even greater purpose in life. Always keep an empty one in or near baby’s closet. When they outgrow an item of clothing, throw it (well, fold … Continue reading Diaper Boxes

Three Month Food

Did your friend just have a baby? Go into your calendar (shout out to those of us keeping it down with paper planners) and write yourself a task for three months from now to take them dinner. Meal Trains are so wonderful & the generosity of others- especially us Midwesterners- is astounding in those first … Continue reading Three Month Food

First Birthday List

My darling boy turns one this week! He needs and wants for absolutely nothing, but it turns out that generous family members don’t like “If you buy him anything, I’ll cut you” as a response when they inquire about what they can gift him for his birthday. Since I wasn’t at all thinking about toddlerhood … Continue reading First Birthday List

Ferber Details

It’s been a hot minute, but the real Natalie has a specific request for Ferber details. As if I can remember that long ago! Her sweet nugget is giving the house hell, so in the spirit of “here’s what worked for us,” I present to you: How We Ferber-ed, The Follow Up. The first thing … Continue reading Ferber Details

Grandma Gear

We are hashtag blessed/ prayer hands emoji to have family nearby who can help out with our son. There are a few items that we’ve found helpful to have as duplicates at my parents’ house- the only place he’s done overnights so far- instead of always packing up our whole house when we go for … Continue reading Grandma Gear

Summer Walks

Two words: stroller fan. If you’re building a baby registry, add one for the baby and one to point back at yourself. We met up with a friend for a stroller walk in the high noon heat of July, and their baby had a little stroller fan pointed at him. I thought, “Oh, to be … Continue reading Summer Walks


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