The Return Home

Here’s a post-vacation tip after learning the hard way myself on Monday. My parents graciously watched our toddler for three nights so my husband and I could enjoy the long weekend a few hours away. What we did: woke up at the hotel, made the 3.5 hour trek back to pick him up, then returned … Continue reading The Return Home

Boy Band Jams

What are you doing for music during car rides with your toddler? I figured I’d be the parent who continues to play my regular podcasts and Spotify playlists, and that did work out fine for at least the first year. Now that my kid is starting to vocalize his opinions and is aware of Cocomelon … Continue reading Boy Band Jams

First Birthday Parties

Disclaimer: this post, like all the others on this blog, is about what worked best for us. I am not dragging anyone who chooses differently! My son’s first birthday party theme was chosen before he was born. It was genius. People who didn’t even have kids said so! A pun on his name + a … Continue reading First Birthday Parties

Book Recommendation

If you are in a traditional mother/father partnership, I urge you to seek out All The Rage by Darcy Lockman. The subtitle is “Mothers, Fathers, and the Myth of Equal Partnership” and oh, baby. If mine hadn’t been a copy from the library, I’d have been highlighting, circling, folding down corners, and ripping out pages … Continue reading Book Recommendation

Teacher Exit

As if sending my kid to daycare didn’t already include a cornucopia of emotions that often leaves me feeling bereft of sanity, my son’s lead teacher moved away. Prior to motherhood, if someone had explained this scenario to me, I’d have been like, “…yeah? And? So?” But now?!?! It was a gut punch!! I did … Continue reading Teacher Exit

Some Luxe Recommendations

Something about self care goes here. I’m too cheap to pay for actual luxury when there are products that make me feel just as fancy for a tenth of the cost. Enter: a list of product recommendations for not your kid, but for you, the perpetually under-cared for parent! As always, no affiliate link warnings … Continue reading Some Luxe Recommendations

Check, Please

When dining out with your kid in tow, ask for the check right after the food comes. Once your plates arrive and the server asks, “Is there anything else I can get you?” that’s your cue to say, “We’ll take care of the check now. Thanks!” A fun time out can turn into the stress … Continue reading Check, Please

And Yet

Why, when my child is almost 14 months old, do I have an emotional response- or at least a mini, internal gut punch- when I hear about someone breastfeeding? My son is healthy. He has the most diverse diet of any toddler you know. It’s not like I didn’t breastfeed- there were half-hearted attempts at … Continue reading And Yet


In the weeks leading up to my son turning one, I had a lot of feelings. And still do! Apparently all I do now is feel, and that makes me feel uncomfortable. It’s annoying that all the motherhood cliches turned out to be true, including those along the lines of “you can’t really know until … Continue reading #AllTheFeels


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